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Mazatlan Mexico Features, Deals, and More: has everything you need to map out your perfect vacation in beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico. We have an extensive selection of Mazatlan hotels, real estate, condos, and lodging you won't find elsewhere... Mazatlan maps and informative Mazatlan weather pages, links to Mazatlan restaurants large and small...the best places to shop, what to see and do...if it's in Mazatlan or nearby, you'll find it here! Spend some time with us, and we’ll show you why Mazatlan is a perfect choice for your vacation, and why is the ONE source for EVERYTHING Mazatlan!


Mazatlan is known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”,
for many good reasons.


None of them, by the way, have to do with pearls…you won’t find any here unless shopping for them in jewelry stores. This is Mexico’s busiest port city, where “The Golden Zone” (‘Zona Dorado’) of hotels and tourist businesses arrived almost as an afterthought when some forward-thinking guys from the United States built a hotel on the then-virgin beach north of the city proper. Suddenly, Mazatlan realized it had another industry besides the port, beer brewing, and typical regional light industrial undertakings. Since that time in 1955, Mazatlan’s beautiful tourism facilities have grown around the original Hotel Playa Mazatlan to become one of North America’s favorite vacation spots…and thus “The Pearl of the Pacific” was born.

Mazatlan’s 10-plus miles of sunny beaches are renowned as a place for vacations of any type. If you’re looking for simple relaxation, the first-class beach resorts will be glad to supply you with a calm spot on the beach. When you’ve had enough of that, however, be prepared for as much activity as you like! The sport fishing here is among the best on the Pacific coast, and if you’re not into catching your own dinner, Mexico’s largest shrimp fleet is here to make sure your dinner is fresh from the ocean. Adventurous and environmental tours and activities are ready whenever you are. The nightlife can be whatever you like…quiet and romantic dinners, cocktails listening to latin jazz, or wild party nights that don’t start until late and don’t finish till the sun rises.

You’ll find Mazatlan to be a city of dual personalities: a genuine Mexican city with thriving industry and a glorious Mexican beach vacation destination. This is a unique combination not found in other

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Mexican resorts, many of which were built as resorts ‘from the ground up’. As such, your visit here will give you a unique glimpse into the real Mexico, one not dominated by only tourism service, but rather a real Mexico vacation which shares its genuine

culture with its visitors. Spend some time here on and discover the ways that Mazatlan earns its reputation as “The Pearl of the Pacific”.


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