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Tours and Fun Stuff to do in Mazatlan, Mexico:

Deep sea fishing in Puerto VallartaDeep-Sea Fishing


Mazatlan is a top destination for fishermen from novice to pro!... (more>>>)


Stone Island Tour on the Catamaran Puesta de Sol.

This is a wonderful tour that will take you to visit La Tortuga Island where Sea lions rest during the months of November through April to give birth to their babies.


The tour continues to pass by The two white rocks known as "The Two Brither Islands" named for a legend which says that 80 years ago there was a very beautiful lady named Susana and due to her beauty she had all the men of Mazatlan crazy for her. One day she met a man who made her heart bleed with love for him but he had a brother who was almost exactly like him so she did not know what to do in such a situation. Months later she asked them to fight for her love and the two brothers decided to fight and the winner would marry her. That day finally arrived and the two brother selected the place of the fight, a rock near the lighthouse. The fight started but no one wanted to loose so they fought very hard and unfortunally neither survived beacuse they fell and rolled down the hill to the sea. Susana was very sorry for making them fight, and days later the two brothers were found dead, a body in each white rock, and since then the islands are known as south brother and north brother. Nobody knows what happened to the lady, some says that she commited sucide after the tragedy. Now the place where the two brother fought is visited by local lovers who built a heart around the rock.


Continuing with the tour, The Catamaran boat will take us then to Stone Island where you will have your lunch and to do some of the beach activities available in the island: Horse Back riding, Snorkeling, Kayaking, boogy-boards, or to have a typical tour to the village of the island on board of a cart pull by horses.


Stone Island in one of the five biggest islands of the 135 islands located in the Sea of Cortez, and is full of coconut trees and with a jungle located in the other side of the island where a good exploring tour can be made navitaging thru canals or tunnels covered by mangroves and deep vegetation.The choise of lunch in the island will be broiled chicken, breaded fish, garlic fish, a Mexican combination. An 'upgraded' tour package allows you to have the choice of Breaded shrimp, Garlic shrimp or Ranchero style shrimp (a delicious Mexican cooking style with tomatoes, onions, and pepper).


This is a "don't miss" tour that everybody will enjoy!

With little or even no experience, wave runners offer a heart pounding thrill and family fun that is not to be missed.

You'll find these exciting rentals up and down the beaches of the Golden Zone, with models that are capable of speeds to 45 mph with 1, 2 or 3 persons.

Kayaking is the most peaceful way to enjoy the true beauty of "The Pearl of the Pacific". These virtually unsinkable single and tandem kayaks are provided with very comfortable seat back rests. You are provided with a "dry bag" to keep those cameras and snacksfrom getting wet...available all up and down the beaches of the Golden Zone.

Parasailing with will be a vacation highlight. The ride lasts about ten minutes and the views from up to 400' to 500' above the bay are, to say the least, Spectacular! Take-off and touch-down are amazingly soft and of the reasons it's so much fun is that is just LOOKS scary!



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