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First Things:  
Yes Si
No No
Please Por Favor
Thank You Gracias
You're Welcome De Nada
No Thank You No gracias
Sorry Perdone
What is your name? Como se llama?
My name is... Me llamo...
Language Problems:  
Do you speak English? Hablas Ingles?
So you understand me? Me entiendes?
I don't speak Spanish No hablo Español
Please speak slowly Hable despadio por favor
I don't understand no entiendo
What does it mean? Que significa eso?
Where is...? Donde esta...?
Where are...? Donde estan...?
When? Cuando?
Who? Quien?
Why? Por que?
What? Que?
How much is...? Quanto es...?
How much are...? Quanto son...?
How far? Que distancia hay?
What's the matter? What's happening? Que pasa?
Can you help me? Puede usted ayudarme?
Can you show me? Puede usted enseñarme?
Usefull phrases:  
I (don't) like it (No) me gusta
I'm not sure No estoy seguro
I don't know No se
I think so Creo que si
I'm hungry / thirsty Tengo hambre / sed
I'm tired Estoy cansado
I'm ready Estoy listo
Leave me alone Dejame solo
Just one minute Un minuto por favor
One moment please Un momento por favor
Come in Adelante
It's cheap / expensive Es barato / caro
It's cold / hot Hace frio / calor
It's too much Es demasiado
That's all Es todo
Thank you for your help Gracias por tu ayuda
Taxi please Taxi por favor

Greetings and such:  
Hello Hola
Goodbye Adios
Good morning Buenos dias
Good afternoon Buenas tardes
Good evening/night Buenas noches
How are you? Como esta?
Very well thank you Muy bien, gracias
See you soon hasta luego
That's all right esta bien
Don't worry no se preocupe

Before / After Antes / Despues
Early / Late Temprano / Tarde
First / Last Primero / Ultimo
Here / There Aqui / Alli
Now / Then Ahora / Entonces
Large / Small Grande / Pequeño
Empty / Full Vacio / Lleno
Many / Few Muchos / Pocos
More / Less Mas / Menos
Beautiful / Ugly Bonito / Feo
Better / Worse Mejor / Peor
Clean / Dirty Limpio / Sucio
Cold / Hot Frio / Caliente
Free / Taken Libre / Ocupado
Open / Closed Abierto / Cerrado

Handy Words:  
Breakfast Desayuno
Lunch Comida
Dinner Cena
Water Agua
Beer Cerveza
Wine Vino
Cocktail Coctel
Table Mesa
Menu Menu
The bill La Cuenta
Beach Playa
The Ocean El Mar
Cheers! Salud!
Hotel Hotel
Money Dinero
I want... Quiero...
I love Vallarta! Me encanta Vallarta!
Hurray for Mexico! Viva Mexico!
I never want to leave! No me quiero ir nunca!

Everything else: Point, gesture, pantomime, or draw a'll likely get a smile and a reply in near-perfect English!

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