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dining and nightlife in Mazatlan, mexico


Mazatlan restaurants run the gamut from traditional and casual family-run Mexican operations to ultra-luxurious fine dining of a world-class level. Of course, seafood is king here, but you won’t have any problem finding ‘land-based’ entrees either. Nearly all the resorts along “the Golden Zone” on the northern beaches offer at least a couple different dining options, and the larger hotels have weekly Mexican Fiesta and/or theme nights that offer a great value for food and entertainment. There are plenty of options here for any taste, including Italian and French. You’re likely to find more selection in the category of ‘traditional Mexican’ dining in the city, and those on a budget will find simpler but excellent food at good prices here. Even if you’re not on a budget, the traditional Mexican restaurants offer great dining and a glimpse into ‘real Mexico’.


The beautiful sunsets at Mazatlan are always a reason to gather over a cocktail. You’ll find suitable sunset-watching tables at bars all over the beach, but arrive a little early to insure the best seats and un-obstructed views.


This is where is all started - the very 1st Señor Frog's. Señor Frog's Mazatlan has almost become a cult following among those looking to have a good time. As the original, and in many ways the best, the party atmosphere here is legendary and every night is something new. Be ready for the crazy antics of the waiters and bartenders, as they're sure to provide a memorable time! The food is good. The view is good. The drinks are good. And it's all legal - at least we think so.


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